Minions- U


I have not seen Despicable Me. I don’t know why and I feel like I’ve missed out. Minions for me, is one of Dreamworks’ best and should put to rest any rumours that the production company are in trouble. Better plot than the Penguins of Madagasgar. Perhaps that it’s due to Kevin, Stuart and Bob being much more lovable. You really do route for them… and giggle at their failures.

A small slight on the film would be that the beginning of the film had been a little overplayed as the trailer for the last six months. However, once the action got going, it was a nice surprise to find that the trailers had not given away too much of the plot. Decent laughs for both adults and children.

In terms of star pulling power, I don’t think it was necessary. Sandra Bullock’s voice was barely recognisable and these little guys seem to have a fan base of their own. However, there’s a nice game of ‘spot the British actor’ waiting for anyone yet to have seen the film.

Cast- 6 (Wasn’t feeling the Bullock)
Cinematography- 9
Enjoyability- 9

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