Magic Mike XXL- 15


So we won’t see this film in the Oscar running, but lets face it people are not watching it for the plot. However, I want to argue the criticism that this film is plot-less with beautiful dancing hunks of meat for viewers to drool over.

There’s character development and audience attachment that extends further than the size of the guys abs. There is an attempt to genuinely and sincerely explore loyalty and shelf life within a vain industry. There’s touching moments between all of the leads.

Of course, these are not my favourite parts. I’d be lying if I said otherwise. The film builds to an exciting showcase of talents that will satisfy most who attend on their own accord. Matt Bomer is a personal highlight, showing off his singing talent to wow the crowds.

Cast- 8 (Maconawho?)
Cinematography- 6
Enjoyability- 9


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