The Last Laugh (2019)

Rating 15

Length 1Hr 38

Release 11.1.2019

Director Greg Pritikin

About: Retired talent manager Al reconnects with former client Buddy, a comedian who gave up performing decades ago, and urges him to go back out on the road.

The Good

  • Chevy Chase and Richard Dreyfuss make for an excellent double act that takes the Odd Couple on the road. Dreyfuss really brings the humour for the bulk of the movie, which makes Chase’s straight man performance a refreshing change.
  • On the whole its a funny film with a sweet centre, even if it is a little ‘American Pie does Old Folks’ at times.

The Bad

  • It really takes a while to get going and for the first 40 minutes, I have no idea where its going. I actually almost switched it off as that slow preamble to the main plot switched me right off; which is a shame because it could stop people seeing what a fun movie it actually is.

The Ugly

  • It’s bookended with some depressing shit. Like really sour. My reason for almost turning it off? The time spent in the old folks home was so dour, and my father seemed a little triggered, that I wasn’t sure we’d picked right for a Saturday night movie. It’s a shame because those middle acts where really cool.

Final Thoughts

Yeah… On reflection it was perhaps a bad idea to chuck on a film about ageing dudes sent into a home when my father had begged me two days earlier to not ‘lock him up’. Bad daughter!