The Plank (1967) Film Review

Rating U
Length 57mins
Release 23.07.1967
Director Eric Sykes
About After someone uses the last floorboard for heating, two hapless carpenters have to buy a replacement. They return to the house with the plank on top of a Morris Eight, but the journey is fraught with unexpected and humorous difficulties.
Moon: None sighted
Where to Watch: BBC IPlayer

The Good

  • It’s very British, very charming and something for anyone who loves Carry On films.
  • I’ve always loved Tommy Cooper and he has such an iconic, larger that life, laugh. You can not help but laugh along with him and the problems he finds himself in.
  • Some of the physical comedy is so stupid, but you will still find it funny. Particularly one of the initial scenes that has them opening the windows even thought there’s no glass.
  • The story and the characters do perhaps seem to be what the Chuckle Brothers were inspired by. In fact, I’m certain they’ve done a homage to this.
  • Even for me, it was a. Whose who of British acting talent and it was a joy to see so many familiar faces.

The Bad

  • It was a little too short. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye when the credits came up.

The Ugly

  • A lot of dialogue seems to be dubbed, which for most people might not be a problem. However, as I often rely on lip reading it gave me a headache.

Final Thoughts

Just a charming piece of British comedy.