Anomaly by Michael Rutger


I don’t think i’ve ever felt as tense as I did reading this chilling adventure. I knew if like it; I was told the moment I was told It was for fans of Dan Brown. That is very true indeed; only I would be so bold as to say it’s a perfect blend of the aforementioned Brown and the late, great, Michael Chrichton. 

Becoming an adult means certain things have to take priority, which means I thought my days of staying up through the night reading were left behind with my tolerance for shots. Yet, with The Anomaly, I found myself turning those final pages at 3am. I couldn’t put it down, I couldn’t let it go; I needed to know the answer and know how everything played out.

Part of what makes this book a gripping read is its main character and voice. Comparing him to Indiana Jones doesn’t quite do the character justice. There’s a closer resemblance to Greg House from the namesake show. That, certainly, for me made him a much more engaging read. His interaction with all the other characters brings not only a full development of him, but to a number of others too.

The plot and writing are beautifully filmic in quality, bringing a sense of Crichton nostalgia. There’s also that deep rooted almost mythological puzzle that begs to be solved.

The imagery is haunting and garners a real threat towards the characters that will leave any reader’s heart racing.

Love Han x