Book Review: Literary Trails: Haworth and the Brontes

Authors: David F Walford & Catherine Rayner
Publisher: Pen & Sword
Pages: 274

This book is perfect for anyone who loves to holiday abroad and keep on their feet. It’s rich in history and will provide the perfect guide to the town that homes the famous Bronte sisters.

It opens with a number of introductory chapters, including one that gives a little more detail about the Brontes and one that gives you a basic guide to walking safely. Something like this will be perfect for those new to rambling and walking tours in rural locations.

The bulk of the book is a treasure trove of walking tours, written in a way that even someone like me can follow without fault. I almost want an audio book of each chapter to complete the walk. Each walk is complete with a map of the location, photos and OS co-ordinates. This would be perfect for any family wanting to develop their map reading skills and children’s understanding of OS co-ordinates ensuring they have fun and develop skills that will be valuable for those who take Geography for GCSE.