Knight Before Christmas (2019) Film Review

Rating 12a
Length 1h32
Release 21.11.2019
Director Monika Mitchell
About A medieval knight is transported to the present day, where he falls for a high school science teacher who’s lost her belief in love.
Moon: no moon sighting
Where to Watch: Netflix

The Good

  • Vanessa Hudgens is on a roll with providing Christmas wonderment. This is a solid edition with being the girl you root for.
  • While there’s the fish out of water romance plot, there are some rather charming secondary plots that will warm even the coldest of hearts.
  • You din’t need your brain engaged for this bit of Hallmark inspired fluff. Sit back, relax and let the Christmas spirit wash over you.

The Bad

  • There is zero chemistry between Hudgens and Josh Whitehouse. As much as I want her character, Brooke, to be happy in love… I’m not so sure Cole is the guy. Which is actually why I’d have rather have had more of the family with the single dad.
  • As fish-out-of-water films go, there are better. Granted, there are worse out there, but there are plenty I’d watch before this one. It almost came across like the gimmick of him being from the past (and a different location) overwhelmed the entire thing and was too big for everyone involved.

The Ugly

  • Travel in time, great do that. Travel in space, totally okay with it. Doing both with no explanation, nope. Do not like it. Yes, I’m a Doctor Who girl. However, this shit is lazy.
    Have him on a quest, with a ship. Or have her spending Christmas in England. Do not, absolutely do not, have him travel hundreds of year and thousands of miles, for a girl. Nope, nope, nope.

Final Thoughts

Eh,lazy plotting and an overpowering gimmick will pretty much guarantee that I won’t be watching this again any time soon.

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