Death Becomes Her (1992) Halloween Advent

Rating 12
Length 1h44
Release 4.12.1992
Director Robert Zemeckis
About A writer and an actress hate each other for years as they have a crush on the same man. They secretly drink a miracle cure that prevents ageing and also turns them immortal.
Moon: no moon sighting
Where to Watch: Netflix

First Thoughts

I loved this movie as a kid. So much so, I dressed as Goldie Hawn’s Helen complete with shotgun hole. Only problem? The school’s projector screen was down so my painfully painted brickwork didn’t create the illusion I wanted.


  • There’s no bad here.


  • The effects are incredible and, on the most part, stand up today. It allows for this amazing showdown between the two leading ladies. It doesn’t last very long, but its so effective that the almost Tom & Jerry type violence will stick in your memory.
  • Bruce Willis playing a put upon meek guy in a comedy is rather unexpected and I’m here for it. He works amazingly against both Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep.
  • The story works with the passage of time really well. We need the backstory and the conflict, or the bulk of the story won’t work. Not many films would be able to do it as well as this one.

Final Thoughts

It’s still as awesome as it was all those years ago. Camp, crazy and just perfect for this time of year.

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