The Cat from Outer Space (1979)

Rating U
Length 1h44
Release 17.2.1979
Director Norman Tokar
About A UFO captained by a cat-like extraterrestrial (Ronnie Schell) is intercepted by the U.S. Military. The spacecraft’s feline pilot, who goes by the human name Jake, reveals to his captors that he must locate a substance called “Org 12” to restore his battered spacecraft and reunite with his mothership. With help from scientist Frank Wilson (Ken Berry), Jake figures out the Earth equivalent of Org 12 — gold — and then activates his collar’s technological capabilities to help retrieve it.
Moon: no moon sighting
Where to Watch: Disney+

The Good

  • It really is a charming film with a gimmick that, while a risk, works. The cat(s) are beautiful and the film deals with the communication well, so there’s no special effects to make it look like the mouth is moving- a pet hate of mine.
  • Many of the cast seemed familiar to me. They have that old Hollywood vibe that Disney and other studios had in films of the 60s and 70s.
  • The plot is fairly simplistic; following a cause and effect approach to storytelling. While some might think it’s a little lacking in the story department; this is a Disney film aimed at the whole family.

The Bad

  • Some of the action sequences haven’t aged very well and perhaps seem a little low-key compared to action of today. While your older viewers are perhaps going to label this ‘boring’, most will see it in the context of film history.

The Ugly

  • The acting voices used are of their time. They do add a certain charm to the film, but they also grate after a while. There’s an odd nasal enunciation that appears to be the American equivalent of the British RP of the BBC.

Final Thoughts

Perfect easy watch for a Sunday afternoon. Not going to be for all children, but don’t blame me if you and your little ones want to adopt a fur ball after the credits roll.

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