California Man (1992)

Rating PG
Length 1h 28
Release 25.9.1992
Director Les Mayfield
About College guys Stoney and Dave find and thaw a caveman, Link, and pass him off as a student. Link takes his time to adjust to the new ways of life, but he also helps the duo find their cool quotient.

The Good

  • MVP is the delightful Stoney. What a beautiful, sexually ambiguous, kind and cute character who charmed from the very start. The mannerisms and insights this character has are what made this movie for me. He brings the laughs, the ‘awwww’s and the moral compass.
  • This is the better fish-out-of-water movie for Brendan Fraser. It’s certainly his best ‘man in a loin cloth’ in modern day too. He’s perfect as the unfrozen Cave Man turns California surfer dude.
  • It’s a short and humours film for those who love The Goonies and anything by John Hughes.

The Bad

  • If you think too long on it, its just a rip off of Weird Science. Interloper is provided to the bottom feeders to improve their status. It’s a shame, because with a little bit of a rewrite this could be something a little more charming and free of the comparison.

The Ugly

  • As much as I love Sean Astin, his character is so shitty. Everything he does is motivated by his dick, and it shows. This isn’t some sweet guy who just doesn’t get lucky. He is manipulative, negative and willing to fuck everyone over for what?! A girl who doesn’t honour the girl code and dumps Link for the sole reason of being a ‘cave man’. Riiiiiiiight, she’s a keeper.

Final Thoughts

It has the potential to be a cult classic and its most definitely better than George of the Jungle. For me, its the issues with Astin’s character that will stop me having this high on any rewatch list,

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