The warriors (1979)

Rating: 15

Length: 1h 32

Release: 10.5.1979

Dir : Walter Hill

About: A gang called ‘The Warriors’ are framed for killing a gang leader trying to unite all the gangs in the area. With other gangs gunning for them they must get back alive to the home turf of Coney Island

The Good

The music has two of the best features of a late 70s movie: the synth original score and the funk. It’s glorious.

The plot and political statement within the film is as relevant today as it was when it was made.

The costumes and makeup really help with keeping track of all the different gangs and they’re beautifully done. Even now, they give the feeling of a distance future.

The opening is eerie, but spectacular. It builds up and reveals the tensions between the gangs.

The Bad

I found the focus of the blame on the Warriors a little too flawed. I know that as a viewer we know they’re innocent, however I don’t buy everyone believing that the leader of the Warriors did it.

The Ugly

You have one prominent female lead who is called a slut/whore/tramp throughout the movie by Swan. To have her get with him in the end. Eurgh! Nope!

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