Film Review: Wedding Crashers (2005)

Rating: 15
Length: 1hr 59
Release: 14.7.2005
Dir: David Dobkin
About: Two womanisers who love to gatecrash weddings find themselves in a fix when one of them falls in love with the bridesmaid at one such wedding.

The Good

  • Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn work well as best friends, bordering on narcissistic but I feel as if that’s typical for male friendships in movies. There are also some sweet moments between the two.
  • As always Christopher Walken is a delight and a saving grace for the film. His charm works for the role as a powerful public figure and a thoughtful, open-minded dad.

The Bad

  • I couldn’t buy into the premise; crashing weddings to get laid. They’re not bad looking lads and they’re too old. I just feel as if it’s too much effort for banging a broad. Even if it was to scope out future clients as part of their jobs as mediators. Something that anchored these characters so that both of them having feelings doesn’t feel so forced. The only other way it works is that two twenty-somethings are cast. They’re up-and-comers with no money so choose the weddings in the hopes of a free bar and open legs.
  • It’s really not funny. It’s either too crude, too boring or the guys are too old to make it work. The whole plot feels very … well, its shit! The pacing and time structure of the whole thing is bollocks. Seriously? Owen Wilson spends 72 hours with Amy Adams and is wallowing MONTHS later! Bull shit!

The Ugly

  • Will Farrell. I remembered why I avoided his films; he’s a shouty douchebag and he makes me cringe! Now, if he was in one of the main roles, I’d have bought that he was pathetic enough to be going to weddings.
  • There’s two instances of sexual assault. Vince Vaughn is unknowingly strapped to his bed while asleep before being awoken by a naked Isla Fisher straddling him. He says no! Then she leaves, without untying him, and her brother jumps in and gives Vaughn a fondle. I don’t mention this lightly. I’m actually really pissed off. Put a woman in Vaughn’s position and this scene wouldn’t have made it into a comedy. Sexual assault, regardless of the victim or aggressor’s gender, shouldn’t be played for laughed. It doesn’t matter what happens between the people before or after and I think it’s just as, if not more so, important to call out male sexual assault. Ladies, we want equality; this is how it looks. It cuts both ways.

Final Thoughts

I hoped for something like Dodgeball. It was not Dodgeball. It was not Dodgeball in the slightest. I’m just glad I’d not see this before, otherwise I might never have gone to see The Internship.

One thought on “Film Review: Wedding Crashers (2005)”

  1. There’s also the assault where the mom forces Owen Wilson to touch her breasts when he repeatedly says no. She even says “you’re not leaving this room until you touch them.” That would be an incredibly situation for a woman if a man forced himself on her that way, yet this scene is treated as “silly cougar mom”.


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