Review: Star Trek Picard (Episode One) Spoiler Free

Star Trek: Picard

S1 Ep1: Remembrance

First Thoughts

I watched the first trailer late at night whenever it dropped online. I showed it to my dad first thing, the very next day. His face lit up and he grinned like a kid at Christmas. Star Trek was not just ‘his’ show, it was ‘our’ show. He was so looking forward to catching up with Jean Luc and he found the addition of Seven in the second trailer rather clever. Unfortunately, my father passed in November, so tomorrow is going to be very different to the day we’d had planned. In fact, I almost was going to never watch it.

Fast forward to January 2020 and I’ve sobbed through the first half of the other show of ‘ours’; Dr Who. The thought of Picard being as painful was actually on my mind a hell of a lot.

Then, something amazing happened. I won tickets through Amazon Prime to be at the premiere in London. Seems like dad was there making sure I didn’t let this show pass me by.

The Logical

  • This is Trek, but not as we’ve come to know it. At the heart we do have familiar faces, but this isn’t the universe we left the crew of Enterprise in. It’s a stunningly flawed and embittered society we’re faced with and it clashes with the serenity of the vineyard.
  • There’s catching up for viewers to do and it’s done in a way that embraces those who are new to the franchise. There’s no gate keeping in the opening episode. Which is brilliant because I was a bit foggy on the events of that last movie outing.
  • Visually, it is stunning. From the costumes, to the physical movement and location choices. It is that balance between the tv show and the cinematic outings.
  • Patrick Stewart not only fits back into the role like he’s never left, he makes it seem so effortless. Jean Luc instantly pulls back your loyalty and your trust like its 1987. There’s a scene in which Picard engages with the media and I found it to be one of the most powerful scenes ever crafted for Trek: it was able to comment upon topical politics while utilising Stewart’s theatrical background for a breathtaking speech.
  • New face, Isa Briones, has a charm that will disarm you while the mystery surrounding her will keep you thinking long after the credits role. The actress is challenged with making the audience feel something for her very quickly and she does so with beautiful grace.
  • A personal favourite actress of mine, Alison Pill, shines in the later half of the episode as what I hope will be our resident Dr for this series. Her interaction with Picard are tonally perfect and give the viewers a humorous interlude to the dramatic.

The Illogical

  • Why are they not all dropping tomorrow?! The episodes, that is. Wow! That first episode was over in a flash and left me wanting more. Yes, I’m impatient and I have questions that need answers.

Final Thoughts

This episode is not fan service, it’s not about everyone getting a pay check. This first episode is the start of something! It’s a well crafted, emotionally charged hour of tv perfection.

Star Trek Picard launches its first episode tomorrow on Amazon Prime.

Love Han x

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