Make A Story Tag

I was messing around with fantasy name generators trying to come up with a name for a new Guild Wars 2 character and I stumbled upon a book title generator. And then? I forgot all about creating a new character and instead  decided to create my own stories. From that, the Make A Story tag was born.
I have naturally gone a bit OTT with mine and also created a book cover, but that is definitely not necessary. If you want to be a bit extra too then the Canva is great and has ready-made templates.


Make A Story Tag


  • Link back to the creator Cora at Tea Party Princess
  • Open up Book Title Generator
  • Select your preferred genre and “Get Names”
  • Pick our your favourite title from the list of 10
  • Write a brief synopsis/blurb for your imaginary story
  • Tag someone else


I went for mystery mainly because my favourite films always have that suspense/thriller vibe that keeps you guessing. When I write I tend to lean towards that genre too, but with a Sci-fi edge.

  • Medic Of The Void
  • Changeling Of A Cat
  • Strangers Of The Future
  • Dogs Of The Sun
  • Boys And Descendants
  • Pilots And Enemies
  • Faith In My Garden
  • Help Of The Nether
  • Crushed By My Dreams
  • Age Of The Light

Chosen Title: Strangers of the Future


Rachel was dead. She had been for 10 years. Only there she was, on a security camera selling drugs to his students. The same drug that was believed to be the cause of three recent deaths.

Cooper confronts the ghost from his past, he joins her mission to stop Cyrus Industries from distributing their computer implants and the drug required to make them work. She’s not the same Rachel he’d known and she won’t say why she let everyone think she’d died but he can’t ignore the feeling that it might be his own fault.


Rachel has plans. She wants to be a surgeon and she’ll stop at nothing to make her dream come true. But sometimes you have to make a choice. Only time will tell if Rachel made the right one.

Love Han x

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