Living with Allergies: Practical Tips For All the Family

Author: Emma Amoscato
Publisher: White Owl/ Pen & Sword
Pages: 121

This is an insightful read that compiles all aspects of allergies in order to get to the root cause, gain the right help and use good practice in the home in order to keep allergies at bay.

There have been a number of cases of food allergies in the press recently and it’s probably got some people thinking. I’ve had some very bad reactions to food over the last year or so, the first being so new and scary to me, I ended up with an infection and off work for a week. So using this guide I was able to educate myself on the ways I could avoid any allergy attacks in the future.

This is a perfect book for adults and new parents who believe they are suffering from allergies. Not only does it set out clearly where to get help, it explains what to expect during the process of testing for allergens.

It will be a book that will be best kept to hand and dip into sections repeatedly.


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