WED: No Doom, No Gloom

From the Feeds

sorry. Finding things tough at the moment without WiFi. Should be up and running by Monday. So just one for today;

Daily Three

1. I’m all registered at my doctors and somehow it feels like everything is right with the world.

2. I was given a £7 voucher from Starbucks. I dropped the company an email because i’ve found the service a little inconsistent (cold coffee, no filter available, a very messy caramel Mach). I didn’t want anything other than a warm cup of coffee the next time I went in. Now I’ve gotten enough for 3 filter coffees.

3. I watched BoRhap with my dad. I learnt more about my dad, his views and even a little bit about my own life in this one viewing than anything else in my life. From fashion, the fears of people at the outbreak of HIV/Aids and what he thought of Freddie. ”He had such an amazing personality. A charisma and a character that no one else had. Taken way too young. He’d only just gotten started.”

⁃ Then the bit that hit me right in the emotions. My dad told me during the final scene that my mum was in hospital and watched all of Live Aid, having just had major surgery removing a fibroid from her womb to save my life. I don’t know how well my father has remembered it, but I like the thought that Live Aid helped with ‘our’ recovery.

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