Sun: Not all Doom and Gloom

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Just a solo post again this evening. To read the full post, head here. This evening’s article highlights how an inclusive society can bring so much joy.

Buzz, 23, had been refused by a number of tattoo artists. His autism had, some might say, rightly put them off. Concerns were expressed that the noise and the pain would be too much for Buzz and that he would not be able to sit through the session required to give him the tattoo he wanted. They are professionals and even I have been refused service for some of the tattoo ideas I’ve had. I’m sure I don’t need to remind people of the disaster that was the woman who claimed that she asked for one star on her face only to be met with a constellation that she “slept” through.

Inkorporated, a tattoo parlor in Washington, came to the rescue and offered their services. They explained that they too agreed with others; that the sound and pain may not allow Buzz to sit through the whole process. However, they said it was at least worth a try. After all: Buzz had wanted a tattoo since he was little and would put on the temporary ones on.

All you have to do is see Buzz’s smile to realise that it was just a chance that was needed. Someone who would challenge expectations.

Daily Three

1. A friend got in touch to tell me they rely enjoy reading my blog.

2. I made a kick ass dinner for me and my dad

3. I bought mince pie flavoured peanut butter today. Will let you know how it tastes.

love Han x

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