Let Me Go by Chelsea Cain

I stayed up until midnight when this was released. However I completely forgot I also changed my address so I lived in New York because this one wasn’t released in the UK until MONTHS later.

Reading it at the time was a little disorienting at first. I’d already planned out a story based on the blurb; Hollywood has ingrained in me that ‘trapped in a party’ translates to a skyscraper (Die Hard and Rising Sun are my keystones here). Cain’s story didn’t match mine; It was so much better. It was a million times scarier.

The story really uses its time frame (Halloween) to get under the reader’s skin. When this is made in to a film, this is the one that will be closest to a horror movie than any of the others. The final third is so incredibly tense that during my reread, I got to this point about midnight and the cats decided to come to bed. I haven’t jumped so much in my life.

Casting couch


T J Tyhne Bones alumni and beautiful man is the only person I could imagine pulling off the facial fuzz Chelsea describes.

T J Miller
A truly controversial choice, but this is my geeky nod to Die Hard’s Johnson and Johnson.


Oscar Issac Thanks to this little light bulb choice, I need to go back and imagine him in the role. What’s interesting about Issac, is his chameleon tendencies. Watch Ex Machina and Force Awakens back to back and you’ll swear that they’re not the same guy. While I’m not as in love with Poe as I was during Force Awakens (Hell, I’m not as in love with Star Wars as a franchise as I was cerca Force Awakens), I do believe that he has that knife edge charm that will have you understanding Archie thinking he’s dirty.


Dave Bautista Cooper has to bring the fear, but deep down have that teddy bear protective quality towards Susan. Who better than the muscles behind Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy. Also, I want him in everything. I want a Being John Malkovich style poster just of his face for the way he’s beautifully putting two fingers up to the Mouse House for the firing of director James Gunn.


Riz Ahmed The Brit has been seen in dark comedy Four Lions, but Americans will recognise him from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It was an uncomfortable casting because of the current climate around people of Middle Eastern origin. However, you know the thing I love about Chelsea Cain?! She doesn’t once mention Karim’s religion. This wasn’t about Islam. The very first sentence in Sweetheart tells you that Cain does not buy into stereotypes by making her antagonist a woman.
I also love that, within a few hours of posting this particular review, a new article talking about the new Bechdel test that will analyse the appearance and characterisation of Middle Eastern actors within films. It’s aptly named the Riz test. You can head it here to find out more for yourself.

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