Robin Hood’s Dawn- Review


What’s not to love about Robin Hood? There’s something charming and engaging about the legend from England. In this book he is presented with a wonderful, boyish charm and a brilliant relationship with his friends. He’s provided with political enemies and motivation to fight for what is right. While I would argue he is not the protagonist of the book (It is certainly an ensamble), he is the focus.

Marion in this book is my favourite portrayal outside of the Disney animation. I’ve always struggled with how other books and film represent her, where as in Robin Hood’s Dawn, the characteristic of head strong woman does not conflict with her feminity,


The plot does exactly what it perhaps suggests in the title; it is an origins of sorts. There is detail in the history, ensuring readers understand where in which the story is based. It is rich in historical context and ensure you are there on the front lines. It doesn’t boil the ideas of Robin Hood down to the parable-like meanings some other retellings do and it’s a refreshing change to see the story show how much of an impact the Crusades are believed to have had upon the citizens of England.


The story moves between many characters to give the historical setting its richness. It does make the initial chapters a little broken and choppy, but the payoff is very much worth it. It becomes a fast and easy read that will have you begging for the sequel.

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