The Flash S4 Ep1 The Flash Reborn

The Flash S4 Ep1 The Flash Reborn

Description: Barry is brought out of the Speed Force to help fight an armored villain, but he isn’t the same person.




H.R. Okay, so we know he sacrificed himself last series, but I want to take a moment to acknowledge his loss. I think H.R was the best incarnation of the multiverse character. While I would be open to another search and recruitment, I’m not sure I’m ready for one.

By extension, I was very disappointed to not welcome the return of Anne Dudek’s Tracey. I’m aware of her role as the romantic interest of H.R, but she worked well with the whole group and I’m just a little sad that they didn’t explore this.







Tom Felton’s Julian is now back in London, having returned post finale. Again, this is something I feel was a massive shame and I’m hoping it’s more to do with Felton’s schedule than anything else. I loved his friction with Cisco and the fact that Caitlin had moved on and found love again. He added so much to the dynamic of the show.






The Flash himself remained missing for most of the episode; both physically and mentally. Up until the last few scenes there is nothing recognisable in the returning Barry Allen. It’s wonderful to see a change in the acting range of Grant Gustin, however it was nice to get Barry back before the credits rolled.


V.M.H (very much here)

Cisco and Caitlin were on form this episode. Cisco has always been a firm favourite of mine. They need to give him a relationship A.S.A.P (I volunteer as tribute, of course).
They had some brilliant banter as Cisco recalled her for duty and I duly noted the Hitchhiker’s reference.


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