Hope by Rhian Ivory

Hope by Rhian Ivory
I deliberately didn’t read anything about this book before reading it, simply because I knew I was going to the launch at Waterstones Birmingham and that I wanted to go into it completely fresh.
The absolutely ace @ChelleyToy hosted the event, and from the outset I was completely captivated. Chelley had clearly read and LOVED #HopeBook and the questions she asked Rhian made me want to read it asap.
The book itself covers a huge range of topics and each one is described with care, attention and Rhian”s astounding ability to take anything and make it interesting and relatable.
Who would’ve thought a YA book could talk
about organ donation, a rarely heard of/discussed medical disorder (PMDD), tackling the fact you need to change your whole outlook on life, and couple it with a touch of romance – thankfully not the clichéd instalove of *perfect* characters.
At the beginning of the launch party Rhian’s editor, Janet, spoke about the book and introduced the singing choir from Birmingham’s hospital. Before this I had never heard of Singing Medicine, and yet as soon as I heard the ladies sing I was taken aback and amazed by the emotion they portrayed in their songs, and I could imagine how much that little bit of attention and uplifting spirit would benefit not only a patient but their family and other visitors. It made me wish I had experienced that whilst I was in hospital as my nan was poorly, as although it couldn’t change the diagnosis I would’ve loved it on a personal level.
I started reading #HopeBook on the bus to work, and I was so annoyed when I had to get off and go to work… as soon as I finished my shift I started reading again and I didn’t put the book down until I’d finished.
I felt like I’d experienced every single emotion possible:
Love for Hope and her finally coming to terms with what was happening to her and realising she was not alone (I have experienced something very similar with my endometriosis and could relate so well to her!)
Sadness at the patients that were in the hospital, and *sobbing* at the Singing Medicine choir who are SO TALENTED IT’S INSANE!
Anger at Hope’s mum for not confronting Hope and actually asking her what was wrong, and anger at Callie for being a typical teenager (this is anger yet knowing this is exactly how people act so it’s totally believable!)
Pretty much just swooning over Riley as I am a huuuuuuuge sucker for the Irish accent. I’m a westlife girl all the way 🙂 I really enjoyed the way the relationship developed and it made me very happy that they didn’t suddenly declare their love for eachother or fall in to bed.I cannot accurately describe how much I adored this book, I think I need to re-read it and write notes as I’m going!

READ IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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