A Grey’s Anatomy Tag

A Grey’s Anatomy Tag

After completing the Harry Potter tag, I was wondering if another would pop along. As nothing has, I figured I’d make my own.
I’m going to tag a few people who responded when I did a shout out for this post (and a few others) and it would be great to see it circulate. All I ask is that you credit me, @hscptcrash in your tags so I can see other people’s responses.

How did you discover Grey’s Anatomy?
I got into Grey’s back in 2006. I’d seen adverts for the first series the year before, but I’d never got around to watching it.
When my mum died in February 2006, I found myself struggling to sleep so I went and purchased both this and House. I always wonder if my favourite would have been House, if I’d watched that first.
As it happens, I watched Grey’s first and I fell in love. I binged the hell out of that first series and was almost late for work because I tried to squeeze in a sixth episode the day after buying it.
Ever since, I’ve never been more than 3 episodes behind the US airing. I’ve even been known in the past to set a 3am alarm to watch it ‘live’. I also attempt yearly rewatch.
I have used episodes in lessons and I’m proud to say that at least 7 students started watching the show as a result. This also led to me receiving the best mug in existence from one of my favourite students.

Who is your twisted sister/person?
Gem! She literally is my person; always and forever.


Series One; it must be the first series. This show gets it right straight off the bat. While the ensemble works together, the characters don’t always. Meredith is on a journey in this first outing, one that the show never really tops. She has her drama; mum, boyfriend and her internship at the same hospital her mother trained. She should have a breeze, right?
The romances are brilliant, they don’t all tease and quite a few lead to trouble in many different ways. The format of the show has changed very little since the early days and there’s a reason for that; it works. They establish early on the use of key music featured within the episodes and it is something I will always love.

Character Miranda Bailey is my all-time favourite character. She is the embodiment of female power within a male dominated workplace. She’s a mother to many, a flawed yet passionate leader and a role model for people on and off the screen.

Episode The alternative reality episode (S8 Ep13: If/Then). Where to start?! A shiny, happy Mer, an aggressive and scary Christina. Mer and Alex are engaged and Richard is her father. It’s weird and wonderful; right down to returning Charles’ ironic shout ‘just shoot me’.
While the episode has no impact upon the season, it was nice to see the actors have a little fun.

Guest Star Seth Green, who appears in a season 4 double episode (S4 Eps 9 & 10: Crash into Me Parts 1 and 2) as Nick Hanscom; a patient who had an exposed carotid artery after a tumor resection.
He flirts with Lexie, he has an amazing sense of humour and he’s got his awesome ginger hair that I’ve always loved. Okay, things don’t end well for him, but he keeps you smiling.

Death George O’Malley (S5 Ep24: Now or Never). Well, I dare you to not well up at Meredith’s realisation that John Doe, hero of the hour, is actually 007. It was already known that he was leaving the show, but it still came as a shock. I was expecting Izzie to be the one claimed by the Grey’s angel of death.

Wedding Arizona and Callie (S7 Ep20: White Wedding). Such a beautiful couple, until they weren’t. However, they truly had a wonderful wedding, despite the bumps along the way.

Series Finale The hospital shooting (S6 Ep 23 &24: Sanctuary & Death and All His Friends). I wasn’t a fan of this series; it really clunked along. However, that finale was like watching a horror movie. I was at the end of my PGCE and a little sleep deprived; that added to the drama during the first time of watching. However, in the rewatches, it’s interesting to see the build up to those two final episodes.

Storyline The prisoner on death row who is admitted to hospital, days before his execution (S5 Ep12 & 13: Sympathy for the Devil & Stairway to Heaven). I don’t know why I thought it went on for more episodes; perhaps because of it being the infamous falling out between Christian and Mer, which was resolved because of this case.
It’s such an ethical mine field; on the one hand, doctors have an obligation to save everyone’s life, no matter the background. On the other, his death at the hands of the doctors could save the life of an innocent young boy. However, would allowing the inmate to essentially sacrifice himself give him a redemption he doesn’t deserve. Hell, when morally pure Miranda Bailey goes in to beg Shepherd to leave the man to die; you know you’re in a moral grey area that you will be considering for days after you’ve watched it.

Mer Love interest The vet, Finn (S2 & 3). I know, I know… I was meant to choose Derek, love Derek. He was the love of her life, there’s no doubt about that. However, it’s a dangerous relationship; so full of anger and resentment. I always wonder if they would have ended up getting a divorce, you know? They weren’t stable, even at the best of times. Christina was right; he’s not the sun. He never was, and she’s succeeded further without him.
However, Finn?! He was charming and lovely; he brought Izzie lunch, and he accepted that Meredith was dark and twisty.

Couple Lexie and Sloan. They were perfect together; he truly loved her and it showed. They had their ups and downs and each made mistakes, but they were destined to be together.

Your own crush Owen Hunt. Yes, I love McSteamy, but my heart is with the gruff but sweet Owen. It breaks my heart that he keeps picking very emotionally detached, independent women. Especially those who don’t want children.

Actor bow out Christina Yang (S10 Ep24: Fear [of the unknown]). It was good to know at the beginning of the season that she was leaving; it allowed me to prepare for the departure. Yes, it still hurt, but I got to appreciate her while I had the chance.


Meredith danger The patient attack (S12 Ep9: The Sound of Silence). Firstly, the episode was directed by John Q actor Denzel Washington. Secondly, a good portion of the episode reflects Meredith’s injuries and is played without any noise. Not since Buffy’s episode Hush, has the sound of silence been used so effectively.

Surgery Bailey having to operate on a man suffering from a tree-man disease and has tree like growths all over his body (S7 Ep3: Superfreak). The surgery itself is rather cool, however my favourite moment is level headed Bailey losing her composure over a resident spider.


Series Five! I started to think the show wouldn’t last much longer. It wasn’t quite recovering from the departure of Burke, or the scandal that surrounded the actor’s firing.
George was taking a back seat in the stories, the interns played doctor on each other, but not in a sexy way. In fact it led to Sadie almost dying.
Then there was the biggest concern of the series; Izzie and her tumour. Which for me, is by far the worst storyline they have ever had.

Character Izzie Stephens. While she would have been up there as a favourite at the start, her departure left a very bad taste on the show. I’ve lost count of the rewatches I’ve done since her leaving and she irritates me even more each time I do. There may even come a time when I don’t go from the beginning, simply because I can’t stand her.

Episode The mockumentary episode (S7 Ep6: These Arms of Mine). It was a very gimmicky series; later on we have the Musical. With both, its too much of a case of been there, done that. In both cases, others shows have done it better. With this one, ER had a rather successful episode almost a decade earlier.
They tried, it just fell a little short of expectations. There was no emotional ties to the episode and I certainly couldn’t help but feel cut off from the characters.

Guest Star Melissa George as Sadie Harris (S5 Ep8: These ties that Bind – S5 Ep15: Before and After). She just didn’t gel with the cast and slumped very quickly. I will give the show credit that they found a good storyline to get rid of her.

Death McDreamy (S11 Ep 24: You’re My Home) While I guess it’s fitting that it revolved around his brain, it just wasn’t a good enough goodbye for the character that everyone loved. It also didn’t hold the emotion that some other deaths did.

Wedding Christina and Owen (S7: Ep1: With You I Am Born Again); for me they should never have married in the first place so I wasn’t invested in this occasion. At least Christina got to keep her eyebrows this time around, and Meredith’s hair was amazing.

Series Finale Series 4: (Ep 17: Freedom). I just find the romantic gesture of the house so out of character and actually the opposite of romantic. The episode is flat and lacks any power that others do; largely to do with the writer’s strike of 2008.

Storyline Izzie seeing Deny’s ghost. Just, no! Hell no! And I am aware that it’s the beautiful Denny, but no! It was a ridiculous concept that brought out the worst parts of Izzie. Even the cancer diagnosis didn’t make it okay.

Couple Izzie and George. Seriously? Seriously? I mean, seriously? You have beautiful, positive and passionate Callie worshipping the ground you walk on, and you cheat on her with Izzie?! Then you attempt a relationship with her? No, no, no George!

Actor bow out Izzie Stevens (Catherine Heigle); what an awful way to leave a show. It brought you back into the limelight and helped you win awards, and this is how you repay them?

Meredith danger I’m going to say the shooting (S6 Ep 23 &24: Sanctuary & Death and All His Friends); when Christina has to operate on Derek, Meredith ends up at the business end of the gunman’s gun. She places herself there and it’s not the first time she’s gambled her life away.

Surgery The deer! (S4 Ep1: A Change is Going to Come) Poor Izzie, she has a complex about her interns and her Bailey riff hasn’t worked. So how does she recover their respect? She operates on a deer. It’s always things like this that make me wonder how a show can keep going.

Top 5 Quotes
1. Chin up. Put your shoulders back, walk proud, strut a little. Don’t lick your wounds: celebrate them. The scars you bear are the signs of a competitor. You’re in a lion fight, Stevens. Just because you didn’t win doesn’t mean you don’t know how to roar. – Richard (S4 Ep12: Where the Wild Things Are)
2. If you love someone, you tell them. Even if you’re scared that it’s not the right thing. Even if you’re scared that it’ll cause problems. Even if you’re scared that it will burn your life to the ground, you say it, and you say it loud and you go from there.-Mark Sloan (Season 9 Episode 2: Remember the Time)
3. O’Malley, stop looking at my vajayjay- Bailey (S2 Ep17: As We Know It)
4. You think that you’re so bad ass because you lived, but I’m the reason why you lived. And while you were dying you were crying out for the wife who left you. So that’s the opposite of bad ass for whatever it’s worth. – Lexie (S7: Ep1: With You I Am Born Again)
5. You Don’t destroy a person that you love. – Callie (S7 Ep2: Shock to the System)

Top 5 Songs

1. A Little Respect. A, Erasure cover by Carrie Mac
2. Breath (2am)- Anna Nalick
3. Portions for Foxes – Rilo Kiley
4. Youth – Daughter
5. Life is Short – Butterfly Boucher


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  1. OMG what a brilliant idea for a tag! I love Greys so much! I agree with most of your faves – Bailey is my fave character too and I loved Callie and Arizona’s wedding. I’m going to have to do this tag, if that’s OK!

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  2. This is such a brilliant idea! I am in complete love with Greys and cannot not wait to do this tag! Bailey is such a brilliant character and I agree with your opinion of Izzie, I loved her when first watch but second time watching i just dislike her character. Brill post!

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