@gemlovesbooks is now an official Book Fairy!

@gemlovesbooks is now an official Book Fairy!
For the longest time my friends and family have called me a Book Fairy as I have always turned up to any get together with at least one book for them, usually a whole tote bag full!
The feeling of uniting someone with a book, knowing that they’ll love it is such a wonderful thing, even more so if they then ask you for other book recommendations.
I had plenty of this during the 7 years I was a bookseller as the sheer quantity of freebies I received meant once I’d read them I could pass them along to someone else who I knew would enjoy them.
I may have left bookselling two years ago but I will always be a Book Fairy for the people in my life, and now I get to do it for strangers too.
I have followed @thebookfairies on twitter for a while, & loved seeing people post photos of the books they’ve hidden in places all across the world! I checked out their website and was pleased to see lots of different options available for purchasing their official stickers etc. at good prices.
I urge you all to get involved and spread the book love #ibelieveinbookfairies
I can’t wait to hide these books out in the wild for someone else to pick up hopefully pass on to someone else.
Love @gemlovesbooks

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