Waiting for Callback by Perdita and Honor Cargill #bookreview #han

Waiting for Callback by Perdita and Honor Cargill
Release date: 28.1.16
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When Elektra is discovered by an acting agent, she imagines Oscar glory can’t be far away, but instead lurches from one cringe-worthy moment to the next! Just how many times can you be rejected for the part of ‘Dead Girl Number Three’ without losing hope? And who knew that actors were actually supposed to be multi-lingual, play seven instruments and be trained in a variety of circus skills?

Off-stage things aren’t going well either – she’s fallen out with her best friend, remains firmly in the friend-zone with her crush and her parents are driving her crazy. One way or another, Elektra’s life is now spent waiting for the phone to ring – waiting for callback.

Can an average girl-next-door like Elektra really make it in the world of luvvies and starlets? Geek Girlmeets Fame meets New Girl in this brilliantly funny new series!

Elektra James is a solid leading lady in this book; she has the charm, drive and humility. She is a likeable, believable and most of all, relatable. She’s someone I would love to get to know

Her friend Moss is an interesting background/support character. We see her withdraw from Elektra quite early on in the book, yet we still learn a lot about her through the texts between herself and Elektra.

Archie is a lovely character, but lacking an obvious flaw, puts be on guard. I want to believe that he’s this wonderful, charming young man, but I’ve been burnt before. I’m intrigued to learn more about him in Take 2. I really do hope he doesn’t hurt Elektra.

It felt episodic, which is something amazingly refreshing. I wasn’t entirely sure where the story was going, ensuring it was a page turner from start to finish.

There’s drama, both on and off the set, but all seems fairly resolved before the final pages. It’s quite wonderful for a book to be resolved, yet wanting more. It also helps that I know there is more to come.

A brilliant use of emails and texts move the plot along and develop the minor characters. It’s not usually my cup of tea but it really works within this novel. It has a wonderful ease of reading akin to writers like Holly Smale and Bourne.
I really cannot wait for Take 2; it’s ordered and on its way.

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