Blade Runner the Final Cut(15)

Blade Runner the Final Cut(15)
Release date: May 1982 (Although the version I watched was from 2002)


From IMDB: A blade runner must pursue and try to terminate four replicants who stole a ship in space and have returned to Earth to find their creator.

The Good
Harrison Ford was okay as Detective Rick Decker. Part Indy, part Solo and a clear inspiration for Bruce Willis’ Fifth Element character Korben Dallas.
The noir elements (some at least), including Femme Fatale Sean Young, are quite interesting and complement the film’s beautiful score.
I can’t deny that visually it’s stunning. Some of the graphics have aged incredibly well and some of the costume choices are inspired. Zhora’s first appearance for example, is perfectly on trend. Her bejewelled body and face are currently the height of festival and club night fashion.


The Bad
This is a filmic demonstration of style over substance. The plot is sort of there. I guess; if you squint and turn your head. Except no time has been spent on merging and streamlining some of the separate elements. There were too many metaphorical motifs and slow scenes full of interpretation.

I didn’t feel any motivation for Ford’s character, I didn’t feel anything, at all. In fact, considering the film explored the primary difference between humans and replicants and that difference being emotion; there was very little emotion. From anyone.

The Ugly
That excuse for a romantic scene. Harrison Ford, all in a fuddle about the replicant Rachael who has saved his life doesn’t want her to leave. He pins the door closed before throwing her, rather violently I might add, to the opposite wall before demanding Rachael to repeat his words.
I’m sure it was meant to be romantic, but it left me feeling uncomfortable. Debate about replicants aside; there’s a clear issue with consent here. Coaching Rachael into consent is a huge concern for me. Especially when it’s Harrison Freakin’ Ford; the beautiful man shouldn’t need forced love.


Final Thoughts
I was bored. Bored, I say. It was slow and disconnected and I needed the Wiki plot it find out what on earth was going on (and I wasn’t on my phone or multi-tasking, before you ask).

I’m now reconsidering whether I want to see the new edition out this week.

8 thoughts on “Blade Runner the Final Cut(15)”

  1. Oh my god I actually love you right now. I hated this movie (we’re watching it in media) and everyone else I speak to thinks it’s a masterpiece. Your thoughts on it are basically my exact ones too 😁😁
    That ‘romance’ (read: rape) scene left me feeling physically sick tbh. I love this article about it
    Amy xx


  2. I always, always ALWAYS read ‘masterpiece’ in a media/film context as ‘pretentious wank that people are too scared to say they don’t understand’ 😂

    I’ve never found Harrison so unappealing as I did in that scene. 😦

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      1. We need more female filmmakers, we really do.
        What annoys me is the criticism of Kingsman’s ‘tasteless’ sex promise of anal and how that was against feminism. At least it was her bloody idea… yet this, this is women misinterpreting it?! Grrrrr, makes me mad

        Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s worth a watch and is quite female positive. It’s just a line at the end where a princess tells Eggsy that if he manages to save the world she let him have anal.
      Crude, maybe… but I’m all for the convent, she was an adult. I don’t see an issue with it.

      Liked by 1 person

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