Grahame of Thrones – Charring Cross Theatre

Grahame of Thrones – Charring Cross Theatre
29th September
From the website: 

In this critically-acclaimed theatrical journey through the Seven Kingdoms, direct from sold out shows in London’s West End and Australia, avid ‘Thrones’ fan Graeme just wants to recreate his favourite fantasy saga on stage – aided and abetted by his best friend Paul and the girl he used to fancy at school – Bryony. He doesn’t quite have the same budget as the TV show, or as many cast members, or the performance skill required, but he’s sure George RR Martin would approve – and that’s what matters. But when news reaches them that an influential theatrical producer is in the building, Graeme decides that this could be his big break – as long as nothing goes wrong …

See it before the inevitable lawsuit!


In a wonderful send up to the Seven Realms, three actors take on multiple parts to entertain the Broken 4th wall audience and win their investment for a theatre production of HBO’s hit show.

As we see the hits from the six seasons (tip: get yourself caught up if you intend to go) the three member troupe break character to add their own drama to the narrative.

It’s a pacy little bigger, filled with laughs and visual gag that will keep you chuckling long after you’ve left the theatre.

Representing the many dialects of Westros is a hard job, but somebody has got to do it. And do it they do. It’s a strong trio of players; John Luke Roberts, Ross Spaine And Nic Damont

It is Nic Damont Of the Twins MacCarbe who steals the show recreating Sansa’s first period and the demon birth from the Red Priestess. Both brilliantly set up and performed.

It is clear that it is a production from the Fringe. The staging is sparse, but the props are number-some and played for laughed… just wait until you see the puppets.

Do check it out when you can. I think it might just ease the wait for S7.



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