Who Runs the World? by Virgina Bergin #Bookreview #Han

Who Runs the World? by Virgina Bergin 

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From Amazon: Sixty years after a virus has wiped out almost all the men on the planet, things are pretty much just as you would imagine a world run by women might be: war has ended; greed is not tolerated; the ecological needs of the planet are always put first. In two generations, the female population has grieved, pulled together and moved on, and life really is pretty good – if you’re a girl. It’s not so great if you’re a boy, but fourteen-year-old River wouldn’t know that. Until she met Mason, she thought they were extinct.



I liked the bond between the characters and the way each was formed based upon their upbringing. The older generation speak and act exactly how they would have when they were children.
Interestingly, I thought the main character of River was male at first. I wonder if this is due to there being no gender stereotypes in the world run by women.
Mason, aside from my aversion to the name, was a likeable character and I was happy with his vulnerability and his misconceptions of women.


I want more. I like where this went and I was happy with the ending, but if this was Hunger Games; River is Katniss and I want her to lead a revolution, or at least I would like to have had the hope that one was on the cards.

The Writing

I loved the use of language to convey the generations. The thought of an elderly person using slang brings me a surprising amount of joy.
It seems a little void of descriptions, which works for me; I don’t need to know what is in the corner of a room or how fresh an apple tastes to get a feel for this world.


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