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I’m weak, I wasn’t going to watch; I was going to boycott. However, how can I say no to Noel Bloody Fielding!


We have Sandy and Noel replacing the irreplaceable Mel and Sue.

Pru replaces Mary Berry.

Look… gender neutral cakes!


“All newbies here, except old blue eyes.” Noel, Noel, Noel… you are amazing.
Close your eyes and Pru sounds like Mary Berry. Oh man, this is making me incredibly weird.
Signature Bake – Fruit Cake
Stacey- I actually would have preferred you to have called it a ‘Buzz Cake’
Liam- 19 years old. “But I like loafs.” I love him. He’s a classroom dream. I can’t wait to see him develop on the show.
Julia- Lemon and courgette cake. Interesting. “How do you squeeze the moisture our of a courgette.” Was that an attempt at an innuendo?
I love the chemistry between Paul and Scouser Flo.
Tom and his gilded pear- where’s the fun innuendo?!
“I don’t know what it is, but I want to stick my finger into it.”- That wasn’t the innuendo that I was after.
Noel attempting to eat the marigold was genius.
Flo- “I’m awfully please.”/ lemon KERD! I love Flo!


Technical Challenge- Mini rolls
I LOVE Noel. “Bare bottom”
I’m with Kate though; why would you make them when they’re so easy and yummy to buy?
Liam to comedian Sandy “Yeah, but joking can only take you so far.”- awkward!
Sandy “I can actually feel my hips widening as we do this.”
Liam’s rolls- “This is art.” Bless.


Show Stopper- Illusion Cake
“Looking forward to the moist clutch.”- I’m only allowing this ‘close to the knuckle’ innuendo because it was Noel who said it.

Julia! Oh Julia “Outside is Russian like me, the inside is British, well like me now.” I love her analogy of her Victoria sponge Russian doll cake. I love that GBBO is still at the forfront of celebrating Britain as a rainbow nation.
Sophie and that Champagne bottle. Eeeeek, that wasn’t innuendo, that was pure tacky.
Noel puts It right when he says the standards are high this year. Proven when Steven pulls that BLT sandwich and loaf of bread out the bag.

Final Moments
Star Baker– Steven
Home– Peter
Next week: Buiscuits
Predictions and final thoughts
It still feels the same and I am loving Noel. However, the humour, despite having two very funny hosts, isn’t quite right. The obvious innuendos are missing, and the ones that they do hit, they either fall flat or are a little too close to being sleazy.
Final 3 (This isn’t a Nadiya year, I don’t have the confidence in a single baker)- Steven, Flo and Kate.


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