Suits Series 7 Episode8 (100) #review #Han

Suits Series 7 Episode 8 (100) #review

From Netflix:  Rachel puts her family at risk to help Mike and Harvey in the prison case. Donna takes a stand with an old flame. Louis faces a disappointment.


The strongest episode of the series. Still a little on the dark side, but having Harvey and Mike working together does make a difference to the dynamic and tone of the show.

Louis has a good episode and it was good to see him with his secretary, Gretchen. She’s really good for him and should be in it more.
Shit, Sheila Sazs is back. I love the actress, the character is awesome, but no!!! Last time she was on the show, she broke him and he’s still not fixed from the other love of his life. Especially as the news she hands him is that she’s engaged. I’m so glad they didn’t make her pregnant too. That just would have been a step too far.
I do love how moral Louis is, but I’m glad out of him and Donna, he’s the one who took up the advances of a previous lover.

Harvey and Mike
Batman and Robin are back together. I didn’t like the fact that they got Robert, Rachel’s father involved, and at the time it felt like more fuel to my theory that Rachel was a target.
However, as the episode progressed and it’s revealed that Gallo has been killed (something I’m not quite certain I believe.) My theory is out the window.
The case is settled with a loop holed ‘death-bed confession’ by Gallo. It’s a little anti-climactic and too neat for my liking, but hell; I’m just glad it’s over.

I was quite happy that Donna phoned Mark; the guy that got away from the flashback episode last week. It doesn’t matter what her motivations are for reaching out, it’s initially quite healthy for Donna.
However, very quickly we find out that he’s married. Unhappily, but still married. I love Donna’s response; it’s classy, clear and most importantly, true to who she is.
So it’s quite a shame that a chance encounter with Paula leads her to agree to meeting Mark in his hotel room. I’ve been waiting all series for this and it wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. It’s difficult seeing Donna vulnerable and I’m so happy that she received Rachel’s ‘You deserve the best’ text at the right time.

Overall, questions and predictions
It really was a high-quality episode, Gallo aside. I think that’s the only bit that lets the episode down.
I think Alex will go back to his own firm, because the actor was signed on for a story arc.
Donna is going to have to say something to Harvey.
Will Sheila cancel her wedding? How will Louis cope if he doesn’t?

Bullshits count – 4
God Damn it count – 1


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