Suits Series Episode7 (Home to Roost) #review


From IMDB:

Rachel confronts Mike about his secret after she takes a risk to protect him. Harvey’s involvement with Paula causes problems.


Certainly, one of the stronger episodes of series 7 so far. A lot of the threads are at least coming into fruition, even if there is still a lack of fun or even team work within the firm I normally root for so much.


This episode focuses on past employee Stephanie and her intent to sue Louis for sexual harassment. Such a heart-wrenching episode for Louis and the plot really gives him time to grow.
It’s not often you get to see Litt so vulnerable that once he’s gotten through his usual tantrum (which isn’t as bad as it could have been), it’s easy to see why Stephanie relents.
His desperate for it not being filled as sex harassment is linked to him getting into this mess in the first place; his fears of not becoming a father.
I really am hoping that when Louis says to Donna “I can finally move forward with my life.” He really means it. He’s a lovely bloke (people think I’m crazy, but I do think he is just a little misunderstood and in need of some love) and is deserving of a happy life.
My favourite moment from the episode comes in the form of the gift he gives the intern who has just had a baby. That baby grow is just so damn cute and it reminds me that Litt is not just a lawyer; he’s a god damned brand.

I started this episode thinking that I really like the developing relationship between Harvey and Paula. He’s happy, and it works. Okay, I know Donna is end game and I sort of feel guilty for wanting this relationship to work, but I know it’s not going to last so please forgive me for indulging in the good vibes.

However, it was as if the writers knew I was getting to comfortable and they threw in the conflict of Harvey telling Donna. We all know why it’s so hard for him. Even Paula knows.
That said, I couldn’t help but melt a little when he agrees to the term ‘boyfriend’. Never has a relationship seemed so easy with him. Even Scotty was kept at arm’s length, and she was the only other woman I thought could win his heart other than Donna.


The award for the most privileged, sulking, arsehole goes to Mike Ross. I’m struggling to feel sympathy for the client because Mike is going about it all the wrong way.

Even after Harvey finds out, Mike is an indignant little shit who has his priorities out of kilter. Rachel, Donna and Harvey all feel the weight of his decisions.

Alex is very quickly running out of time with me. His scene at the courthouse was unprofessional, out of character and downright nasty. The case is thrown out, Mike’s acting like a diva and Rachel is clearly starting to worry about the man she’s about to marry.

To top this off, Mike was still trying to cut a deal with Gallo; something everyone has warned him again. The word ‘revenge’ was used in relation to Gallo one too many times today.

Just as I thought, Harvey is angry. And, just like I predicted, he’s getting on board with the suit in question. Something’s not right and, while Mike did a bad thing, Harvey can’t help but be won over by the integrity of the case. Will Mike ever be given true consequences for his actions?

Questions and predictions

  • Gallo’s target for revenge is going to be Rachel
    Paula and Donna will meet. I still don’t know how they will get along.
  • Paula will be the one to end it with Harvey or Donna is going to be to blame
  • Alex will not remain with the firm.
  • Louis is either going to have a new romance, or he is going to look into adoption.

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