Suits S7 Ep5 (Brooklyn Housing) #review

suits review_

From IMDB: Mike juggles his work obligations with his promise to help a hurting family. Harvey asks for Louis’s discretion in handling a sensitive matter. Donna vets a possible addition to the firm.


Why can’t Mike go straight? The undercover lawyer, hiding crucial information from the people who matter. It old hat and getting so very boring. This case is too big for cloak and dagger.
Gallo!!! Man, I love Gallo. They are good at drawing in previous threads to support cases and
Paul Schulze is too good an actor to not bring back.
There’s no passion with Mike and the pro bono case. There should be. He’s risking so much, but I don’t see the motivation. Certainly not enough to work with Gallo.
Rachel represents everyone watching with her final words in the episode; Mike’s word is becoming worthless and Harvey would be right to fire him should this betrayal come to like. Which it will.


Harvey trusting Louis with Paula’s law suit. If it’s successful, it’ll go a long way to cementing Harvey and Louis’ friendship and put them on good terms.
Louis’ sit down with Paula is beautiful, it’s where Louis shines. God, he might be a diva and make rash choices with his personal life, but he is damn good at his job. Louis’ ethics and morals when it comes to his job are impeccable.
Parallels are drawn from Louis’ own life. I really do want to see him starting to mend fully with this or explore a little further what I think the true issue is; him fathering a child.
There would have been a time when Louis would have gone straight to Harvey with the information Paula gave him; it’s amazing how much he’s grown over the 7 series.


Why does Harvey want to keep his relationship from Donna? He’s so snappy with her, it’s horrible and I don’t know what they’re trying to achieve with this thread. They worked so well with the tension they already had. This is just a little too much for me.
They keep butting heads and its unnecessary. However, I’m glad she clashed with him over Holly because having that scene between the two was brilliant. If Rachel does leave, Holly will make an excellent Donna wing-woman.
Oh Donna!!! “We’re a tight knit group. We don’t betray each other and we don’t keep secrets from each other.” How little you know and you know all.


Bullshit count: 4

Predictions and Questions

  • Gallo gets out and comes for Mike and somehow Rachel is going to be the victim.
  • Donna and Harvey is end game.
  • I don’t know who or how, but Louis will have his happily-ever-after.
  • Harvey has an issue with infidelity; will what Mike is doing be infidelity?
  • Donna will make it her mission to hire Holly next episode.
  • Will Donna walk when she finds out about Paula?
  • Why wasn’t the room swap brought up between Mike and Gallo

donna and harvey

Very little progression in the episode, but the writers have invested some time in the character development of Louis and, for that, I’m grateful.
Mike, as always, is annoying me with his self righteous entitlement. The case is setting down some heavy foundations for either the mid/whole series final. Only way I can see this resolving though, is his actions are going to lead to Rachel’s death.

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