Suits Series 7 episode 4 #review


I’m struggling with Suits this series. What was once a sparky, fast paced and cut-throat show has become a little too dark and negative. It’s a high-pressure environment and there’s always been power plays, but at least our main boys were having fun.
Something seems off in the early stages of series 7. It feels a little Walking Dead with its morose, downer storylines. Not only is the storyline; yet another clashing firm pissed off with Harvey, but so is the ‘case of the week.’ There’s no respite from the angst and conflict. Harvey’s angry and grieving the loss of Jessica, Louis is neurotic and vicious, and even Donna is feeling the pressure and taking it out on everyone else.

Episode 4 continues to pitch Pearce and Spectre against an opposing firm that I can’t remember the name of, nor do I care. I know it’s going to come to a head in time for the midseason hiatus. Alex’s move has caused issues on all fronts but today, its Alex’s old firm that are receiving insider information and using it against Harvey et al.

Harvey shits the bed and goes crawling to mummy. After a chat with Jessica, she declares: “You don’t come to me because you need me anymore, you do it because you miss me.” Damn it, I miss her. I truly do. I just hope these hop in, hop outs stop. The show doesn’t work without her and it certainly doesn’t work with having cameos every other week to show us what we’re missing. Showrunners, treat it like a breakup, and give us a clean and permanent exit. Give Jessica her own god damn show: you know we’ll all watch.

Come on Mike, would you really have any of these conversations about a case out in public when it’s a Chinese wall stopping you from handling it yourself. There’s going to be fallout from this, I guarantee it. How many times are you going to betray the man who risked everything for you?! I’ve never liked Mike, but he’s really stepping on my last nerve right now. I would have thought last series would humble him, but he’s still self-righteous and demanding.

Alex, played by West Wing and Psych’s Dule Hill, and Louis have some nice bonding moments and its quite endearing that when the heat is on, Louis doesn’t hesitate to remind him that he’s part of the family now. I just hope this is something the show intend to develop rather than fake out within the next few episodes. Louis needs a friend that respects him. In terms of Louis himself, he’s still in an angry sulk over his failed relationship. It scares me to think people like that do succeed in their jobs.

I did also like the progression of Rachel’s character and her attempts to balance her career and personal life. She’s always been a role model for many people starting out in law. Her commitment and loyalty is something to be commended. It’s such a shame that I do predict the actress will be bowing out before the close of the season. While I am sad about saying goodbye to Rachel, I do think it will add a much-needed depth and shake-up to the show.

We close the show with most things wrapped up. Mike’s case is still open and I think we should expect to see it being a prominent feature over the series.



  • Harvey’s going to be pissed that Mike went behind his back, however in the end he’ll support Mike and help him with the pro bono.
  • This might lead to Alex threatening to leave the firm, or the client going back to their original company.
  • Long term- Rachel and Mike’s wedding will not go ahead.
  • There will be a few more dates with the Dr before she pinpoints his feelings for Donna.
  • I think something is going to happen to Rachel. I even want to go so far as to predict Rachel will die before the end of the series.

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