Remembering Hex


Today as part of our post-YALC and Kevin Smith come down, we didn’t want to leave the house. Feeling rather nostalgic and yearning for our uni days, Gem picked our go to TV show: Hex.

The show ran for two asymmetrical seasons from 2004 – 2005, filmed by Shine Productions and aired on Sky One. It contained a number of notable cast members who have since gone on to be house hold names; leads Jemima Rooper and Christina Cole have both found success in tv shows both sides of the pond. In 2016 they each found themselves on the West End in theatres very close to each other. Joseph Morgan and Colin Salmon have taken up roles in American tv shows, The Originals and Arrow respectively.

However, the biggest success would have to be Michael Fassbender. Relatively unknown in 2005, I think you would be hard pushed to find someone who doesn’t know his name today. Straight from this, Fassbender was cast in 300 and from that point his career blossomed to the point that in 2011 he was cast as Magneto in Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class.

How did you first hear about this show?

G: My mum was watching it and I was back from uni. It was the last episode of the first series and I loved every minute of it.

H: Gemma literally put the dvds in my hands and told me to watch them. I think after a week, because I hadn’t watched them, she watched the extended pilot with me and I was hooked.

Why do you like it and why should people watch it?

G: I like it because it is a really good blend of fantasy and relatable YA life. I’ve watched it dozens of times and it never gets old. It’s massively quotable (“Fairy Dust Bitch”) and Jemima Rooper is hilariously funny.

H: It was actually Jemima Rooper who got me hooked on the show. I had recognised her from her role as George in Famous Five. I’d been a massive Enid Blyton fan and, as someone who had hair down to her arse, I envied George’s hair. In terms of Hex, I related to her character so much. I struggled with my weight and wished I could have Thelma’s outlook and positivity with food and body image.
In 2006, around the time of the dvd release, I lost my mother. I was struggling to sleep, function or socialise. Hex, along with J J Abrams show Alias kept me company in the dark evenings that I was alone with my thoughts.

People should watch it because the themes of being an outsider, relationships, LGBTQ and identity are still relevant to today’s teens. It hits on a lot of the themes seen in current YA fiction and some movies. It would be the perfect companion to some works.

Why was it such an underrated show?

G: People are idiots! Personally I never seeing any promotion for the show; there were no articles or adverts in magazine and Sky missed a trick by not promoting it on MySpace (unless I missed that). I would never have watched it or heard about it had my mum not have been watching it. (by the way, she hates anything to do with witches, vampires or fantasy normally)

H: I would argue that the network had no faith in the show. As Gem said, there was no visible promotion of the show. Also, airing on a Sunday night would not have help the show gain an audience.

Who was your favourite character?

G: Jemima Rooper’s Thelma Bates. She made me laugh, she made me cry and she made me have oufit/make-up/nail varnish goals. However, I disagree with her decision to kill Drew. I’d marry Drew.
From the very first episode, she is sent on a constant journey of development. She provides the show with its cheekiest moments and is a role model for anyone in the LGBTQ community; she is true to who she is and tolerates no crap from her peers.

H: Jamie Davis’ Leon Taylor. Series One he is a stereotypical teen; he’s all about the sex without having experienced it himself. He’s a little sleazy and rather cruel his treatment of his friends.

However, by series two, he comes into his own. Leon matures, shows emotion and becomes our eyes in this chaotic world of fantasy, demons and apocalypse. While I could have easily picked Azazel (Fassbender), or Sam Troughton’s Jez (Such a dude. I met him in the bar of a theatre and chatted to him for quite a bit – nb, he’s hot!)

What was your favourite episode or storyline?

G: The pilot. I love the angst Thelma feels towards her feelings for Cassie, and then the most awful thing happens. Despite that, it’s still funny! (The quote of Thelma saying “They’re bloody loving this – don’t be a dyke or you’ll end up topping yourself.” Had me smiling and laughing through my tears.

H: For me it was the manipulation of Cassie and the lengths Azazael goes to to fulfil the prophesy. There’s a scene that reminds me of Wrath of Khan. It still makes me cringe to this day.
The storyline comes to a head in the final episode of the first series and includes one of my favourite scenes; Azazael, fallen angel, conversing in church. The storyline deals with issues such as consent, abortion and loyalty.

What would you want to see happen after the final episode?

G: I’d love to know what happens to everyone! Mainly, I *need* to know if Thelma “survives” the events… I would love even a script or a project outline of what the writers were planning for s3 because I yelled at the tv when it finished and there was no follow up from the Last Day!

H: I had an idea for a fan fiction back in 2006. The first chapter dealt with Leon putting his and Ella’s little girl to bed, telling her a story of how brave her mother was.
Thelma was still around and acting as the best god mother and her conversations with Leon would always revolve around training and education the daughter in the dark world they now belong in.
Past that, I’d not really thought about what would happen. I guess that was part of the problem. The cast was too fluid and the people I was attached to left without full resolutions.

Favourite quotes

G: I have s sneaking suspicion my quotes will be the same as Han’s… along with “Fairy dust BITCH!”. *reads Han’s; yes, yes they are the same 😊 !”

H: “Thelma Bates, I never knew you had it in you!”

“It’s such a shame I wasn’t thinner when I died really”

“The whore on my floor”


How would you describe it?

G: Epic fantasy awesomeness coupled with a killer dialogue and the best characters you will ever meet.

H: Relatable YA drama given a fantasy spin. Hollyoaks meets Buffy, if it was set in a private boarding school.

Who should watch it?

G: *Everyone* I loved it, and Buffy was a huge influence on my life at this time, so Buffy fans! But in general I feel like anyone who love YA would adore it, so anyone who was a  @YALC_UK #YALC2017 would totally heart it.

H: Anyone who feels a loss with the end of Pretty Little Liars. Those who have watched Buffy, Lost Girl or Charmed.


The first episode can currently be found here
Please watch it at let us know what you think below.

Love Han and Gem


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