Books, Books, Books

I never really felt at home in the place I have currently lived for 3 years. I had a crazy housemate who always had me on edge and ready to leave at any given time. My books where always kept in school and students ‘borrowed’ them. I moved schools in September and I hadn’t quite gotten around to moving my books (not having a classroom helps with that actually).

Three things have happened recently in my life that have meant those books have come out of hiding and now take pride of place in my room. One of which was my crazy housemate vacating the property. The second was a toxic relationship (mutual blame) making me forget who I am, what I love and most importantly; that I need to take care of myself rather than others. The final being the same person has tainted my love of films; whether that was through ignorance or malicious intentions I will never know nor do I care. It’s something I’ll recover from but right now it’s too raw. It’s just meant that books are more soothing to my soul *pause for eye roll* at the moment.

Anyway… I have a quirk. I like collecting things. I like completing collections and having them match. Something I’ll touch upon in another post sometime. Those ‘borrowed’ books have left holes in my collections so I have decided to part take in an old hobby of mine; charity shop hunting.

It’s rather fun. I just hope I can start working efficiently enough that I can make time to collect, display and read them all.

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