Film Etiquette- a Rant

I like to be in a cinema screen early. Especially when I haven’t selected my seat at the box office (which I hate with a passion by the way).

I am very particular where I sit when I go alone- a seat central to the screen with a hope and a prayer that the screen isn’t too busy.

So… I’m currently waiting for a delayed Mr Holmes to start. It’s now holding about 25 people in a 75 seat screen and I have someone who I don’t know sat right next to me.

It would be fine if it was busy, or if they’d just arrived. But these two ladies were the next people in the screen. They had 74 seats to pick from, yet despite a funny little Sheldon Cooper seat selection they plonk themselves right next to me. I was half expecting her to yell at me for being in her spot.

So I’m faced with the dilemma: should I stay or should I find another seat?! As her elbow inches towards mine- I’m considering my escape.

Is it wrong that I just want my personal space while watching a movie?

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