Jurassic World- 12A


I’ve been told this is the best film of the four. I’ve also been told I would never, ever, be able to say that. It’s true. Jurassic Park is my film. It’s the start of my love of film and I will always be biased. That said, I will try my best.

I’m skipping the plot over view. That is not going to change your intention to see it.

The good

The Pratt. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this guy is my generation’s Harrison Ford. He’s the action hero we’ve been waiting for.
The park. Breathtaking and brilliant. Hints of nostalgia with touches of new technology.

The bad
Dr Wu. It’s a personal thing. In the previous film he had no more than 2 minutes of screen time. However, I’ve read the book and I’ve had 22 years building up my idea of this character. What I saw in Jurassic World was not my Dr Wu.
Claire. She’s not Ellie or Sarah. She’s a fish out of water. I know that’s meant to be the point and the actress didn’t grate on me as she normally would, but I still didn’t like her. And don’t get me started on those shoes. I also feel I was missing something about the relationship between her and Owen.
The opening. Again, more a personal choice. It’s a move away from the traditional openings, a stand alone exposition faded in from black.

The ugly.
The ending. While no film in the franchise is ever going to take the ‘worst ending’ award from number 3, I couldn’t help but having Liam Neeson lamenting ‘there’s always a bigger fish’ as the final action scene concludes.
The violence. What is happening to our movies? Many of our franchises that started out life rated as 18 have recently had their sequels downgraded to 12A. Jurassic World has upgraded it’s thirst for visual blood and body count, bringing it up to a 12A. While I enjoyed the violence personally, I don’t think it was necessary to create a visual treat for all.

Cast- 8
Cinematography- 8
Enjoyability- 9

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