Cake- 15


This film isn’t for everyone, but I didn’t half love it. Jennifer Anniston gives an Oscar worthy performance as Clare, a chronic pain sufferer.
I was surprised at how light and funny the film was despite its dark story of suicide, isolation and addiction.
Anna Kendrick wasn’t quite right in her role as a fellow sufferer in the support group, but she did work well with Anniston so I’ll let it pass.
Sam Worthington! Where has this man been?? Finally a role that I think fits. Keep him away from the action movies and root him in indie dark comedies because he is a natural.
Highlight of this movie is truly Clare’s relationship with her put upon house keeper, played by Adriana Barraza.
Normally with these kind of films I’d be crying, but it has so much charm that you would find it hard not to feel uplifted.
Why this film was snubbed at the Oscars is beyond me.

Cast- 8
Cinematography- 9
Plot- 9
Pace- 8
Music- 8
Enjoyability- 7


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