About Han


Han Hunter
32/ Capricorn/ Hufflepuff

Okay I love books, reading, movies and TV shows. My music tastes are based upon an education from my brother, 10 years my senior.

I’ll let you into a secret. I want to write. My dream from when I was little was to be a published author. I found a Mother’s Day card earlier this year that thanked my mum for inspiring me to write.
The reason why I didn’t? Well, firstly I tried to get published at 11. With shockingly bad stories, spelling and grammar. Three rejection letters later I gave up.
Except I didn’t. I still wrote… I’ve been writing fan fiction for over a decade. I became a teacher with the intention of using the holidays to write.
I’ll get there some day.
Which leads me to the second reason: teaching does not leave me with much time to write. I’m potentially going to take part in NaNoWrMo in November but it all depends on how much planning I get done in the next few weeks.

I’m a little bit broken. At some point I’m going to fill you in on that part as I’d like to write some pieces on mental health. I have anxiety, depression, low self esteem and a nasty Vitamin D deficiency that plays havoc with all of the above.
I’m also a bit rubbish with my love life. I don’t like to appear needy, but I’m actually very co-dependent. When i find a penis I like, I like it to be honest. They are, but in the wrong ways. Due to my perfectionist nature and fear of failure, I keep them long past their shelf life.

Movies are my life. From Jurassic Park to Kingsman. TV is binged hard and fast while books are digested in one sitting.