The Television Tag

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I was tagged by the wonderful Michelle to take part in The Television Tag. I watch a lot of Netflix, so the vasty majority of the shows I’m mentioning come from there, other than the odd scattering of shows I don’t keep up with any more.

The Television Tag

1. Favourite Shows?

My favourite shows right now, in no particular order, are Altered Carbon, Jessica Jones, Daredevil (RIP), Suits, The Good Place, Punisher, You, and Sex Education.

2. Favourite Genre?

I find it weird, I like everything from Game Of Thrones hardcore fantasy to more contemporary stuff like Suits.

3. Least Favourite Show?

I’m not sure if I really have a least favourite show. I either watch a show or I don’t, so if I’m no longer into a show I just don’t keep up to date with it.

4. Most Re-Watched Show/Favourite…

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